Today we’re happy to launch iPAWiND for the new Apple TV


The World’s First CodeSign Utility on Apple TV!

Make sure you’ve USB-C cable and connect your Apple TV to your computer.
1. First you’ve to get your device UDiD from iTunes, Open up iTunes and select your Apple TV, Then click on the serial number and the UDiD will be shown.
2. Copy it by clicking Control+C (Windows)/ Command+C (Mac) or goto file->copy, If it didn’t work type it manually (small letters).
3. Once you have the UDiD, You need to purchase an iPAWiND license for it. You can do that by clicking here : Purchase
4. Fill in your details and paste your UDiD, After you make the payment an email will be sent to you with the required instructions to get started.

Installing apps is pretty simple, But requires a computer (for now).

1. Open iPAWiND app on your Apple TV, And choose the app you want to download.

2. A download link for the app you chosen will be generated and emailed to you, Download it to your computer.

3. Download and install a program called iFunBox (Available for Mac and Windows) : Download

4. Connect your Apple TV to your Computer and open iFunBox.


5. Click on “Install App”, Select the app you want to install and click “Open”.


If you face any issues feel free to contact us, We’ll be more than happy to help!  

Enjoy The App!