From where I can get iPAWiND ?

You can buy a subscription from

How can I get my UDiD ?

You can get your UDiD using this site, If it didn’t work for you then follow this tutorial WikiHow.

What will happen if my certificate got revoked?

Monthly subscriptions

Your certificate will be replaced for free within 48 hours, downtime to be credited to your account.

Annual subscriptions

You’ll have to pay a small re-activation fee via distributor’s website.


After that, you’ll receive new instructions email to proceed with re-installing the apps.

UDiD Profile not getting the UDiD, Why ?

Please make sure private browsing is off.

I purchased a subscription but didn't receive any further details

Your order might take up-to 24/h to be processed, but usually it’s instant. Make sure to check your junk/spam email. If it took more than 24/h kindly contact us.

iPAWiND Installation fails!

If you get ‘iPAWiND could not be installed at this time’ error, Make sure you’re installing it on the device you purchased for. If it’s still doesn’t work please email us.

Please note : If you’re on iOS 7 click on development.mobileprovision & install it, Then try to install iPAWiND again.

Can I install iPAWiND on multiple devices ?

Monthly subscription

Yes, each subscription comes with 3 devices (one iPhone, one iPad and one Apple TV).

You can activate a device using this page: Add Device

Annual subscription

Unfortunately no, only one device per purchase.

Does iPAWiND require a jailbreak ?

No, It doesn’t. Its designed to work perfectly without a jailbreak.

Error while installing the verification profile!

If you get an error while installing the verification profile, please make sure your date and time settings are set to automatically. If it didn’t work then please try with a VPN.

I installed iPAWiND, But can't find Custom apps!

It’s simple, open iPAWiND then scroll down. You’ll find all sections there!

I keep getting 'App is not supported' Error!

This error means that you’re trying to download a tweak or theme which is not supported as they require a jailbreak to work.

'Download failed, Please try again' Error!

This error means that an error occurred when trying to find the download link, you may try a different version.

'Download failed, Please try a different link' Error!

This error means that the download links for the app you’re trying to download is either dead or not working. Click again on download to choose download links manually.

'Maximum 10 stored apps, Please delete some' Error!

This error means that you can’t download more apps unless you delete some of your downloaded apps from the server. To do that, Goto ‘App Manager’ Then navigate to ‘Apps’ and delete the ones you finished installing on your device. Please note that it’ll delete them from the server only.

'Another app is already downloading' Error!

For delivering the most of our service, Each user is allowed to download one app at a time. If your downloads queue is empty and you still get that error please email us.

Safari 'Cannot open this page' Error!

Please delete and re-install iPAWiND from

How do I duplicate apps ?

You can follow this tutorial to duplicate apps : Duplicate Apps

How do I rename apps ?

You can follow this tutorial to rename apps : Rename Apps

I bought a new device, can I transfer my subscription to it ?

Monthly subscription

Yes, you can replace it via this page: Replace

Annual subscription

Yes, you can transfer your subscription to a new device via distributor’s website for a small fee.

I exchanged my device, Can I transfer my subscription to it ?

Monthly subscription

Yes, you can replace it via this page: Replace

Annual subscription

Yes, you can replace your device via distributor’s website for a small fee.

I'm locked out of signing in, Why ?

Because your login details are only valid for the app.

How do I reinstall iPAWiND ?

You can reinstall it from

Do I've to pay again if I restored my device ?

No, You don’t.

I lost my instructions email, how to get it back?

Please contact us.

Is iPAWiND compatible with Mac ?

No, it’s not. It’s only compatible with iOS devices.

What will happen to my apps after my subscription ends ?

They’ll stop working but all their data will still exist. When you renew your subscription just install the apps that stopped working again and they should work fine without losing any of their data.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically ?

Monthly subscriptions

Yes, it’ll be renewed automatically.

Annual subscriptions

No, It’ll not. Subscriptions are renewed manually.

Does iPAWiND work in my country ?

Yes, iPAWiND works worldwide no matter where you live!

I'm getting an error when trying to install an app from iPAWiND!

It’s because the app you’re trying to install is already installed from the App Store, If you want to install it from iPAWiND you’ve to delete it first.

How do I update iPAWiND ?

You can update it from

Can I update my device to the latest iOS ?

Yes, You can unless we inform you not to.

I've lost my order number!

Please email us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

It's been more than 24/h and I didn't receive my order!

Orders are usually processed within that timeframe. However, Delays might happen in special cases and might take up-to 1 week for your order to b processed.

My device is already activated with another service, is that ok ?

Yes, it’s ok.

My device is already activated with another service, do I've to pay again to use iPAWiND ?

Yes, you’ve to pay again. Because our service will work only with our certificates.

UDiD Verification profile says incorrect passcode, why ?

You’ve to enter your device password.

I renewed my subscription, but getting an error when installing iPAWiND!

Please delete iPAWiND before installing it again.

For apps installed via iPAWiND you’ll have to re-install them, If you’d like to keep their data, Backup and restore your device then install them again.

Please note: If you’ve third party apps that saves data outside documents folder you’ll have to take the backup for them manually using iFunBox or iMazing.